sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Veronican ja Erican luona/ Veronica's and Erica's (part 3)

Tässä kolmas osa huoneesta. Koristeita takan reunalla.

Here is the third part of the shabby chic room. Decorations on a mantelpiece.

Tauluja 1700-luvun rokokootyyliin. Pictures on 18th century rococo style.

Kaappi. The cabinet.

Sisarukset seuraavat useita sisustuslehtiä. The sisters follow several interior decoration magazines.

Merenneitopatsas. A mermaid statue.

Tuoreet kukat raikastavat huoneen: ruusuja, neilikoita ja tulppaaneja.

Fresh flowers bring a nice touch to an any room: roses, carnations and tulips.

2 kommenttia:

Ilona kirjoitti...

Hi! I've read all of your three blog posts and the room looks wonderful. And allthough I'm not a real of the shabby chic style, I like the atmosphere in this room and the soft colors :)!
Wonderful flowers and a nice detail is that the cat is playing with the sewing basket ;)!
Kind regards, Ilona

Tingeling kirjoitti...

Thanks Ilona! I do not know if this is my style either but I have gone through several historical styles in roomboxes (gustavian, rococo, empire, 19th century new rococo etc.) so I wanted to try something modern, but in general, historic enough (several hundreds years ago) is more my cup of tea.